City of light screenshot
Once the home of the Lightbringers, the City of Light was designed as a place of learning and as the central hub of culture for all of Domus. With its defensive wall structure, port access to vast oceans, and significant technological advancements built in from the presiding Lightbringers, this shining city was regarded as the crown jewel of the land with no equal to compare. However, the Three Races (Humans, Dwarves, and Elves) coveted this wondrous city, and with the appearance of the Embers, a divide between the Lightbringers and the Three Races grew; while knowledge was freely shared before amongst the races (with the Lightbringers serving as the teacher), the almost-innate relationship between Ember and Lightbringer caused the Lightbringers to shut out the others from their learnings entirely, as they had believed men to be incapable of handling this power. This perceived slight lead to the War of the Flames, which ultimately brought about the downfall and extinction of the Lightbringers. The city was ransacked, and the Three Races made claim to the Lightbringers' domain: for the elves, the oceans became theirs to police; for the dwarves, the Ember Mines became theirs to mine; for the humans, the city itself became a bastion for their people. Today, the City of Light stands as a testament to the Three Races and continues to hold sway over the land as the Council of Light, with representatives from the Three Races, was established to govern the city (and by proxy, all of Domus).