Deep barrows screenshot
The Deep Barrows serve as an official burial ground for the Lightbringers, where the bodies are preserved and honored at this hallowed resting place. Unlike other races who used simpler means of burial or cremation, the Lightbringer race believed that the dead should be revered and granted access to their own halls, where their spirits may roam with fellow deceased. The deepest areas of the Barrow are the most ancient and hold some of the first Lightbringers born in the First Age, along with an additional chamber constructed for housing Ember Companions once their Lightbringer counterparts passed on. The chamber is sealed with powerful Ember magic and can only be undone by a Lightbringer; with the extinction of this race, these chambers may be cut off from the rest of the world forever. Since the War of the Flames, the ground has been abandoned entirely and thus has given way to bandits and thieves presiding in this once-great burial site; the meddling of would-be treasure hunters has activated long-forgotten enchantments within the tombs, awakening grotesque creatures ready to ensnare those who dare raid the grounds. Once word of this spread, the local governments forbade all travel, official or not, to the Barrow, leaving only those who are daring (or foolhardy) enough to enter an opportunity see what lies beneath.