The long-extinct race known as the Druids has a murky history. They were an ancient people of the land, protecting it and learning from it.

The story goes that one night, as the sun dipped below the horizon, the Druids felt a change in the wind. They had become so in tune with the heartbeat of Domus that even the slightest change could be felt. Their souls grew hot. The sun had lit the world, but something new was igniting the Druids. They knew nothing on Domus which could bring such a feeling.

Billions of tiny lights appeared in the sky, growing larger and larger. The Druids thought that perhaps the sun had exploded, but these lights did not feel the same. The lights began to strike the ground, each impact shooting sparks miles into the air. It seemed that this might never end. Perhaps the world would be pelted by mysterious fire for all eternity, but many hours later Domus grew still.

The tiny fireballs illuminated the ground like a field of lightning bugs, each one pulsing with light. As the Druids approached these lights, they felt the feeling grow within them and knew these were no falling stars.

Within these balls of flame lay life, and a great magic, a force the Druids could not yet understand. It was not long before the Druids and Embers grew close, developing a bond unlike any shared before on Domus. The Embers called the Druids "Lightbringers" believing that the Druids magical proclivity had summoned the Embers to this new world. The new name was embraced and soon the term Druid would fade into memory.