Origins Edit

Long ago, balls of light and fire fell from the heavens. An ancient group of beings known as the Druids discovered that they were sentient beings. They decided to call them Embers, and took it upon themselves to nurture and protect them. The Druids then became known as Lightbringers.

Embers can be found anywhere in the world, but the majority of them fell on the west coast of Domus. The Ember Mines has the highest concentration of Embers, but it is running dry when the game begins. Embers are traded and used like objects, and those that own them are often not even aware that they are sentient living things.

Colors Edit

There are four main colors of Embers, each with their own properties and powers.

Blue Edit

Least powerful, most common. Blue Embers are unable to communicate directly or make any sound, although they may pulse at different speed if in danger, excited, etc. Most often used in jewelry and light fixtures by the Three Races. They have the ability to create and manipulate light.

Green Edit

More powerful than blue, but not as common. Emanates a restorative warmth and is often used to heal the sick or wounded.

Red Edit

Fairly powerful and rare, Red Embers have the power to produce heat and fire.

White Edit

Extremely powerful and so rare that many people think they are a myth. Often called Soul Embers, they have to ability to grant life or take life at will.

Awakening Edit

When Embers first fall to the ground they are not in their “awakened” forms. They look like small semi-translucent rocks, with a glowing center that is slightly warm to the touch. Unawakened Embers are mined like any other precious resource, mostly by the dwarves in the Ember Mines. They are then either used as jewelry or to power magical objects. Very few know how to awaken an Ember, or even that awakening is even possible. Fia, one of the player's companions, is an awakened Red Ember.

Tainted Ember Edit

When an Ember loses all its power, it essentially dies. It then looks a lot like an unawakened Ember, except it exudes negative energy. This energy slowly seeps into the ground and animals nearby, corrupting them, making people and animals crazy and feral and making the plants die or look sickly.