The Goblins are a hardy race of creatures, capable of cruel warring and savagery (and equally incompetent in social graces, at least when compared to the Three Races). With their hardened skin and unquenchable bloodthirst, the Goblins are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield; in addition to their mastery of long-range arms and sword combat, reports suggest that some of these foul-smelling beasts have even started using various Ember-infused magics to their advantage. Having been driven from the mountains by the dwarves, the Goblins eventually unified under one champion who would lead them to the successful ransack of the ancient Library, home to much of the historic scrolls and records of Domus. Currently, the Goblins call this place (derisively called the Goblin Library) and its neighboring lands their new abode...for now.