Pinnacle screenshot
Pinnacle, colloquially known as the Birthplace of Humanity, is the first true human settlement, ending a period of nomadic wanderings during the first half of the second age of Domus. Humanity had spent much time, during the Era of Great Peace, moving from place to place, learning all they could about Domus under the tutelage of the Druids. Over time, the people yearned for a home, and after many months of trekking had passed, they settled on a tucked in valley, high up on the Eastern Mountain range. Despite its insulation from the rest of the world, the land's soil was fertile, and the surrounding mountains granted impenetrable security for those who dwelled there. With the dwarves' assistance, the humans carved a great eastern road into one of the neighboring mountains and began construction; the city maintains a nomadic feel, with buildings constructed out of clay and thatched roofs. Thus, it could be said that the architecture of Humanity's first home reflects its citizens: earthy, hardened, and weathered. However, Pinnacle's isolated location has also given way to other kingdoms governing Domus - namely, the City of Light. In more recent times, Pinnacle has submitted to Light rule under appointed nominal kings who serve at the City of Light's discretion, which has lead to tensions and controversial rulings, such as the ban of Ember imports into Pinnacle. This particular decision has created a chasm between the people of Pinnacle and the City of Light, leaving the future of the Kingdom of Humanity in an uncertain state.